Give Your Unborn Baby the Best

Anything is possible with new advancements in science and medicine. Our mission is simple: to help your family grow and make every baby reach their potential. Gene technology has made it possible to create individual solutions for every new person. Since our start in 2027, we have tested and fine-tuned our approach over many years, taking care of our clients’ needs. Your child deserves the best.

Terms and conditions apply

Mandatory information as required by the Genomic Health Act of 2032: Since we established ourselves as the leading company within personalised genomic healthcare in 2027 our goal has been to continuously improve our methodology. We have a strong team of scientists who audit our methods, but this is still an emerging field and while we do our absolute best to limit the risk of unintended consequences we can not guarantee the desired outcome in all cases.


Changing Pre-uterus Care

Whenever you want, you can begin the process from the convenience of your home. Just fill out the form below which prepares for the first meeting.

Start by choosing the child's chromosomal sex.

Read more on sex.

Please be advised that chromosomal sex (XX for female and XY for male) do not always result in children with the desired traits. These chromosomal setups will in rare cases result in children who are either intersex or display the traits of the opposite sex. The resulting child may also identify as another gender.


Choose the Right Package for You

Disclaimer: Genetic modification and selection always carry the risk of unexpected or unwanted side effects. Terms and conditions apply.

Modify: With this method, we will firstly look for the genetic variants you have selected from the selection of eggs and sperm provided. If the desired allele is not present in the provided gene pool we will use the well-established method of Crispr-Cas9, aided by our own patented enhancer, to change the genes according to your specifications.

Although this is rare, genetic modification may sometimes lead to errors and we do our best to safeguard against this by modifying several embryos and only selecting the best results. We therefore need several eggs and sperm to start with, and some advanced options will need a sample of additional gametes.

Select: This is the choice for the slightly more concerned and conservative parent. We will only select traits that are already present in the eggs and sperm provided. The number of eggs provided will limit your number of choices, as will the genetic composition of the parents. Hence the need for a larger number of eggs to start with. This will lead to some choices being unavailable to you. As there will be no genetic manipulation of your embryos, the risks involved are lower than the more advanced option to modify. On the other hand, there may be genetic risks inherent in your genes that we will be unable to safeguard against.

Additional eggs or seminal fluid may be required depending on quality.


Protect Your Child from Disease

Over 6000 human diseases are caused by single-gene defects, and we pride ourselves in being able to test for the highest number compared to any other commercial provider. The following common conditions are caused by single mutations within genes. They are easy and risk-free to eliminate from your baby. Would you like to screen for prevalence in your family? We are happy to provide a test before the final decision.

Select the conditions you want to protect your child from.

Read more on potential adverse effects.

We provide two test-packages for pre-screening. The standard, testing for the 500 most common diseases, and the expanded with tests for up to 4678 genetic markers (new markers added constantly to the list)

A single-gene (or monogenic) disorder is the result of a single mutated gene. Over 6000 human diseases are caused by single-gene defects. We are constantly updating both the efficiency of our tests and the list of diseases tested. However, we cannot guarantee that our tests are 100% accurate. When we do find these anomalies, we recommend choosing another embryo without the mutation as a prefered option to modifying your embryo, but we are able to provide both services depending on your wishes.

Some of these conditions might in rare instances arise as de-novo mutations. We are unable to safeguard against these in all cases. Terms and conditions apply.


Assure Against Unwanted Features

Several things can be a hindrance to a child growing up in this world and it is only natural for a parent to want to eliminate as many of these obstacles as possible.‍ These are all traits with a strong genetic factor and by eliminating certain gene variants we can significantly reduce the risk of these traits. Click on the features you would like us to sort out or modify against.

Read more on potential risks.

These named diseases are not only affected by genes but also the conditions in which the child develops and therefore the risk for the trait can never be completely eliminated.

Each of these traits is affected by one or several genes that also affect other aspects of body type or personality. The risk of adverse effects is therefore slightly higher in this selection compared to others. Depending on your choice the risks for unwanted side-effects are between 9.87 and 43.6 percent.

Our evaluation of links between genes and cancer is an ongoing research area. Please talk to your Care/aug-counsellor about our latest options.


Physical Characteristics

Looks are not everything, but no-one can argue that they do not matter. These traits are affected by relatively few genes that can be easily changed to fit your dream. Please note that if you choose to only select embryos from a pool, with no editing, not all of these features will be available to you.

Eye Colour

Skin Colour

Hair Colour

Hair Features

Read more on limitations.

While relatively few genes control these physical traits there is still an unknown number of genes that may alter or influence the final physiology. Eye-color is mainly determined by OCA2 and HERC2, but 14 additional genes will in some cases affect visible eye-colour. We will select or modify for those most likely to provide your desired outcome, but cannot guarantee against unknown influences from other genetic material.


Extra Options

Why not give your child a head start in our competitive world? These complex traits are influenced by several genes as well as the environment in which your child develops. But we are confident that we can make sure to provide a genetic nudge in the right direction.



Read more on limitations.

These options are still under development, and additional terms and conditions apply. The links between genes and complex behavioural traits are still being explored and we hope to add additional options soon. However, as these traits are influenced by a diverse combination of genetic material and the environment we cannot guarantee measurable outcomes in all cases.



Here you can indicate how you would like to gestate your baby. If you choose body we can provide your insemination treatment. If you choose in vitro we will accommodate freezing and storing your material until a further date.

More terms and conditions will apply at a later stage in the process. You have now taken the first steps towards your new baby. We look forward to discussing your particular needs and wishes. During the first meeting, we can run tests and provide a thorough visualization of your journey ahead.

Read more on limitations.

While screening for mutations and chromosomal changes is a technique that has been used since the 20th century we are always striving to increase our accuracy. However, there is always a very slight chance that our constantly improved tests will miss occasional de-novo mutations or other genetic changes.

Post-conception problems? Do you want to minimize the risks of your child developing chromosomal or genetic problems during gestation? For a small additional fee, we are happy to provide later genetic testing and selection against chromosomal and de novo genetic problems such as Down's syndrome, Emanuel syndrome, Polysomy, Robertsonian translocation and similar.